PRU is For The People!

So... somebody asked, "Is PRU only for Black people.?"  And, Yes… we take this question very seriously. lol  (Ya'll thought I was just gone, hmm never mind.) First, let us be very clear in expressing that our number #1 saying is, “PRU is for The People.”  Who are The People you ask?  We are the disenfranchised, the oppressed, often overlooked and undermined.  The People, are those who always strive for the best, overcome any hurdle, and in the presence of adversity--do it with a gashdamn smile on their face. 

This isn’t a platform where we appease to others sensitivities, while muting our own.  We have Pride in ourselves and our People.  With that being said, this is also not a platform where our focus isn't on our focus!  We don't concern ourselves with the opinions of those who can't respect our culture, our value, and our presence on this Earth.  Our goal is to keep the light shining on the things that make us great!  We have zero time to give a voice to anything else.  (bye felicity)

Ok, so, back to the question at hand... Is PRU only for Black people? Our apparel is designed to empower, unify and represent our culture and our people.    Anyone may support our mission and order from us.  We ask that all of our customers support and respect our mission.  Give praise where it’s due and respect the people that our apparel represents.  Easy as that!

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