Black Girl Magic Appreciation Project

What does the term Black Girl Magic (BGM) mean to you?  To me, BGM is the epitome of a woman who takes her life by the reigns.  She is Power, She is Energy, She is Mystery, She is Eclectic, She is Confident, She knows her Worth, She walks with Strength and She always Respects herself.  This is magical because when you see a sister walking in her truth, it moves you.  It leaves you wanting more.  As they say, “there’s layers to this.”  In this society, we as Black women are seldom celebrated.  So, it is up to us to celebrate each other, protect each other and acknowledge our worth.  This is where BGM appreciation comes in.   The project starts like this… Wherever you may be, and you come across a sister who you feel is walking in her truth, and her BGM is giving you life. This is your time to stop her and show your appreciation and support.  Please ask if you can record the encounter and once you have permission then you can tell her why you stopped her and how much you appreciate her energy and presence.  This project is important to me because it helps break down barriers we may have created among each other in our communities.  To complete each encounter, you will ask her to follow PRU_Apparel on InstaGram, and submit your video on your own IG and tag our account.  Each week the winner’s video will be featured on PRU Apparel IG account and our website!

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